Frequently Asked Questions

In previous years, we got to have a 15-minute consultation with the faculty/professionals. It looks like that's being replaced by appointments in the Resource Room this year. If I spend all of one day in the Resource Room, will I be able to meet with only one person? multiple? Is it like a group Q & A?
If you spend a day in the Resource Room, you can schedule as many appointments with as many faculty members as you want who are available that day. (All of the industry professionals are available both days. The Mentoring Track leaders are available on the day they're not teaching their track.) Go to the Appointments page of the website and fill out the form, indicating every faculty member you'd like an appointment with. We will forward your request to all of those people, and they will contact you to set up an appointment. Appointments can last for as long as the industry professional and you agree on: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, even an hour if that works for both of you.

Do I chose one Mentoring Track and stay with it all day, or is it set up more like the workshops in past years, where you can pop in on different classes?
The Mentoring Tracks last all day. Two hours in the morning, three hours in the afternoon. Choose one track for the full day.

Are we allowed to enter all of the contests, or are we only allowed one?
Enter as many of the contests as you wish. Note that contests are open only to paid registrants (even if you have a discount, as long as you paid for something besides just meals).

I didn't see a place to order a lunch. How does that work?
On the Registration page are Buy Now buttons for all of the options. On the bottom row are the buttons where you pay for meals. Mentoring Track registration includes lunch on the day of your track and Friday dinner.